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The residence of Grandfather Frost

Every child wants to meet Grandfather Frost. The main character of the new year holidays is a long-awaited guest in any city of our country. Every year, Russian Grandfather Frost makes a traditional new year's journey through the cities of Russia, and in order to meet this special guest, cities need a special infrastructure.
AIRA believes that every city in Russia should have a mobile residence of Grandfather Frost. That is why, together with the main "House of Grandfather Frost" in Veliky Ustyug, we developed a common style and mandatory infrastructure facilities for the creation of such residences throughout the country. Since 2013, AIRA has been implementing the project called "The Residence of Grandfather Frost", and Nadezhda Babkina, the national actress of the Russian Soviet Federative Socialist Republic, became its official representative.
Developing the general concept of the project, AIRA decided to follow a single style focusing on wooden elements, which are so recognizable in the traditional Russian style. The project is dominated by structures made of round logs, bright colors, national ornaments, artistic wood carving, towers of the upper tier - generally, everything that somehow refers to the Russian traditional culture.

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