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Parklets and gazebos

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Pergola is an original architectural solution for the transformation of urban public spaces into a comfortable environment — whether it is a "boring" huge area, an empty intersection of Park paths or the entrance to the Park.

The architecture of pergolas is diverse and depends on the overall compositional design. The format of the pergola is chosen based on the tasks: zoning, decorating public space or creating a new element of the urban environment. 

Depending on the task selected: awning, screen, visor, tunnel, canopy. The distinctive features of the pergola are the presence of repetitive sections, supports and arc elements and lattice overlap. It is important to take into account that the design of the pergola in the city should be equally expressive in winter and summer.

Traditional pergolas are used in various styles, repeating their motives. Today, metal, polymer materials, concrete, stone, and plexiglass are widely used in making these structures, along with wood, a classic material for pergolas. The type of material depends on the location and functions. Functions of pergolas:
- Space zoning
- Decoration of a green area with climbing plants
- Hiding structures that are out of the design concept
- Decoration of an entrance space
- Creation of places for rest and solitude

In addition to pergolas specialists and designers of the company "Ira" engaged in the production of canopies. The architecture of the canopies is diverse — it can be a simple wooden structure, richly decorated marble columns with a vault, a modern high-tech installation of light metal partitions. AIRA designs pergolas and canopies for city streets and green areas, so our structures are resistant to temperature variations, rains, and other weather conditions; they are characterized by an increased wear resistance and good performance characteristics. The design and structure of each art object are unique and meet all the requirements for creating a comfortable and modern urban space.

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