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Decoration of facades with flags and banners

Flags are a popular element of decor for city holidays, it is cheap and stylish at the same time. They are suitable for decorating buildings, as well as creating a single design for the whole street or avenue. As a rule, the design of city holidays is subject to a certain algorithm: it is necessary to adhere to a certain color range and use state symbols and signs in decorating, be it St. George's ribbon for the Victory Day or the Russian tricolor. AIRA has a wide experience in working with state institutions of the highest level: we created the designs of flag compositions for the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation and the Presidential Property Management Department.

Symbolic constructions

Festive constructions for a city celebration should be executed in suitable color schemes and symbolically reflect the main idea of the holiday. These art objects always attract attention and become an outstanding element of facade decoration - as, for example, huge figures of bright red carnations on facades of the Ministry of Defense and general headquarters on May 9.

Luminous facade decorations

For New Year holidays, the most appropriate way of decorating the facades is decorative lighting and curtain lights. Curtain lights are designed for large areas and characterized by high brightness and the variety of rich colors: from classic white to unique color variations.
Our specialists are ready to make a luminous design for the facade of any complexity, having developed an original concept that takes into account all the wishes of the customer. For the 15 years of its work, AIRA has created special fastening techniques that make it possible to mount the structures without a single nail on historical facades and even on the glass.
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