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In order inspire customers to buy New Year gifts, we offer comprehensive solutions for the stylish New Year design of shopping centers. AIRA designs and creates unique decoration projects, rethinking traditional New Year symbols and favorite children's fairy tales.

Lights and tricks of light are the most common tools for interior New Year decorations. Curtain lights are used to adorn large areas like walls and lift shafts creating an effect of a golden or silver rain, and various suspended structures with New Year motifs seem to soar in the air.

The Promenade of Stars - this is the name of the collection of LED objects, specially designed by AIRA for the New Year decoration. We did not stop with the stars and came up with a whole series of lamps and lights: from transparent balls to multi-faceted futuristic figures.

Luminous arches of different shapes will decorate the shopping avenues and become an ideal object for a festive photo shoot in addition to buying presents. In the process of manufacturing LED structures, we use lightweight materials which simplify the installation and operation of objects, and, in addition, do not make space look heavier.

Giant Christmas balls hanging from the ceiling, disco-balls, candies, huge bells - all the decorations seem to have come from the pages of Alice in Wonderland. Visitors get into this New Year fairy tale, created by our own hands. New Year suspended decorations help to transform the interior place the necessary accents in its festive design.

In the Russian Space collection, our designer successfully implemented the idea of massive New Year decorations, which can be used both indoors and outdoors. This was possible due to the use of durable materials resistant to any weather conditions. Decorations from this collection can be hung on suspensions or set as stand-alone art objects.

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