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Children's play areas

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The creation of children's play areas which would combine functionality, convenience, educational elements and at the same time be genuinely interesting to young citizens is a complex task that requires a laborious approach.

Types of harscape elements for children's play areas

One of the most important parts of such projects is selecting and designing hardscape elements that will complement the playing space and create a comfortable environment for children and adults. Today, there is a high demand for creative solutions and non-standard objects that would entertain and educate children. Even a small area can be decorated with an object that attracts attention. A construction made of cubes with bright triangular flags that AIRA designed for one of the playgrounds can be a good example of it. The composition is complemented by polygonal light trees, which serve both as a decorative element and as a source of illumination.

The trend towards multifunctionality helps to implement new technologies that complement the daily reality. Luminous seesaws with game mechanics, smart video play areas with hundreds of games to choose from in a small playground - this is not a complete list of what our company is offering.

Designing of children's play areas

Theme children's playgrounds are a more expensive but also more attractive solution in comparison with typical playgrounds that you can find in every yard. Playspaces designed in a certain concept develop children's imagination and inspire them to learn the diversity of the surrounding world. AIRA offers unique children's play areas for apartment complexes and public spaces.

On the playground called "Dino" usual objects are executed in an unusual style: here, children can climb the volcano, sit in the shell of a diplodocus or slide down the neck of the stegosaur. The play area called “Ice Age” attracts children's attention with luminous ice made of the SELIN material, where kids can jump not being afraid to slip, and the mysterious huge iceberg next to the icehouse.

SMART projects of hardscape elements for children's play areas

AIRA adheres to the concept of smart space and uses thoughtful details, modern technologies, and modern design. Since 2015, we are implementing a project of promoting innovative technologies for the urban environment. One of its key elements is our own proprietary solution - light scattering polymer material SELIN, which is used to create light systems with intelligent control.

Children's video play areas made of SELIN are safe playspaces with controllable video screens installed in the paving or the ground. There, children can choose from over a hundred educational games. The comfort of the game process is provided by a soft rubber surface. Such a playground is multifunctional and versatile, as its size and shape are tailored individually in accordance with the order. 

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