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Cross street decorations

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Festive cross street designs

The time of huge cross-street banners that covered half of the sky has already passed. They always looked out of place, limiting and reducing the overall urban space. Modern designers focus on the fact that cross street designs are an element of airspace and that it should be as soft as possible with a lot of air and light. The main trend in cross street designs today is a harmonious combination with the architectural landscape of the city and nature. They should not stand out or make urban space look limited or heavy, but at the same time, they should be able to withstand wind and loads.

Usually, cross street designs are used to decorate central streets and highways. It is important to make sure that such constrictions do not distract drivers, so it is better to avoid contrasting combinations of colors and large elements hanging over the roadway. Cross street designs can be both a part of the overall concept of the holiday and an independent art object, embodying the creative idea of the designer for a large-scale decoration of the city skyspace.

Lunimous cross street designs

LED cross street designs are popular for the New Year decoration of city streets, parks, and squares. Weightless LED designs can be made in different styles: classic or futuristic. Folk motifs, fantastic animals and birds, holiday symbols - everything depends on the imagination of the designer. Cross street designs remain the most understandable and popular element of festive decoration for city administrations and residents. If a controller is included, they can be modified with various dynamic effects: flickering, smooth changes in the glow, slow lighting up and dowsing.

Most often this type of decoration is placed on central streets of the city and above the highways, and serve as an additional source of lighting. In the case of St. Petersburg, such designs are also used to decorate space above the canals. When the water is not yet frozen, and the ice is not covered with snow, LED structures are reflected in the water, creating an unusual effect of mysterious flicker on the water surface.

h3>Manufacturing technologies

In the manufacture of our cross street designs, we use materials that allow us to lighten the construction as much as possible. The main thing is the space between the elements, which creates a feeling of airiness and lightness of the whole structure. Nevertheless, despite the seeming fragility, our decorations are resistant to winds and unfavorable weather conditions. In order to create unique art objects, we actively use a variety of decorative materials: film, stained-glass elements, and multi-colored LEDs. All of it makes our decorations look dimensional and creative.

Our own production allows us to be flexible and mobile, and make the best possible offers for our clients.

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