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Light is one of the most important elements of the urban infrastructure. For many years, AIRA has been working on developing and manufacturing light structures and equipment for decorating streets, parks, squares and public spaces, as well as making the city a safer place.

Architectural lighting

Architectural lighting and stationary illumination of buildings, structures, and green areas require a highly professional approach as they have to be durable. Modern illumination tools help designers to embody their creative ideas and look at ordinary objects from a new angle.
The basis of architectural illumination are flashlights, both classical and made from innovative materials. In its work, AIRA is actively using flashlights made of SELIN, an internally developed material, which has a number of advantages over traditional ones. Such flashlights are energy-efficient so they can be very bright even with a small power capacity. In addition, AIRA uses special lenses that enhance light, so the brightness of a flashlight with a power of only 10 W with a lens is comparable to a conventional flashlight at 30 W. This approach also helps to seriously optimize energy costs.

Decorative lighting

By the New Year holidays the city is transformed: streets and parks are highlighted by thousands of lights from garlands, banners, street decorations, and various art objects. AIRA creates comprehensive decoration solutions for city administrations and implements design projects for illumination of commercial objects. AIRA's portfolio includes decorations of large shopping centers in Moscow and St. Petersburg such as TsUM, Okhta Moll, and Galeria. When in 2017 TsUM was decorated with our illumination design, it was titled the Best Commercial Facade Design for the New Year.

Light installations

It is difficult to imagine the appearance of a modern city without luminous installations: when the city is covered with snow, fabulous luminous arches on the streets of the park, shimmering figures of animals and birds, and magical bright patterns add variety to the familiar landscape and serve as an additional source of lighting. Each year AIRA develops new product lines, reinterpreting traditional New Year and winter symbols.

Despite the seeming fragility and elegance, all of our art-objects are extremely resistant to uneasy weather conditions in winter. At the request of the customer, light installations can consist of white or multi-colored LEDs, and have a given light dynamics. All constructions are made of fireproof ecological materials, which meet even the strictest sanitary standards.

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