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Veduchi ski resort

Veduchi, the first ski resort in Chechnya, began its work on January 26, 2018. The resort is located in the mountainous part of the Itum-Kalinsky district, a picturesque area in the south-west of the Chechen Republic. Location is also a distinctive feature of Veduchi. The resort is only 90 km away from the famous Argun River gorge, one of the longest in the North Caucasus.
The untouched natural beauty of the area inspired Chechen authorities to create a year round resort here. AIRA developed the idea and implemented it from scratch, making a concept and infrastructure design of the resort.
Information component is a quite necessary part of the functional design of resort areas. The large territory of the Veduchi resort needed an understandable navigation system. For this purpose, designers created unusual navigation maps and information boards. These structures do not seem out of place - on the contrary, they are harmoniously blended in the general style due to environmentally friendly materials and the company's color scheme.

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