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Artificial Christmas trees have long had a negative image on the market – they were believed to be of poor quality and couldn't compete with natural counterparts in creating a special Christmas atmosphere. With the help of new technologies, AIRA managed to create an innovative material called ekka-needles, which is almost undistinguishable from the needles of natural spruce neither in appearance, nor to the touch, nor even in smell.

In addition, ekka-spruces retain an attractive appearance for a long time, which is especially important when it comes to decorating a high-profile indoors or outdoors.

Our company has been supplying Christmas trees both for interior decoration and outdoor spaces for several years. At the request of the customer, they can be of any shape or size – from very small to huge, a several dozen meter high trees.

"In 2016, a 14-meter ekka spruce, presented by AIRA to Nadezhda Babkina served as a decoration of the "Russian Song" theater entrance throughout the new year holidays, and then was sent to the Russian Embassy in Paris and did not change during this time, retaining its beauty", Yuri Berestov, head of the AIRA company, said.

Full information is available on the website ek-ka.com
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