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Dial for the square of the “Moscow City” concert hall

In September 2018, AIRA implemented the project of the world's largest clock dial for the square of the concert hall "Moscow City". The numbers (1.8 to 3.8 meters) are made of SELIN®, an innovative impact-resistant material exclusively developed by AIRA, and reproduce the dial of the new highlight of the business quarter-a giant 64-meter dome of the "Moscow Сity" multifunctional concert hall.

"Moscow City", one of the projects on the territory of Moscow International Business Center, consists of three interconnected dials: the dome, the facade and the square which reflect the idea of time management underlying any successful business. The SELIN® monolithic blocks are built into the surface of the pedestrian zone and synchronized with the main clock of the "Moscow City" concert hall via the complex control system.

SELIN light blocks are vandal- and moisture-proof, and can withstand temperatures from -50 to +50 degrees Celsius. Bright light can be seen both from the air and on the ground at a few-meter distance in all weather conditions and even under the snow.

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