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Under-foot traffic lights

Active processes of urbanization pose new challenges for designers and architects. The major one is the communication between the city and its citizens. In an effort to create not only pleasant but also functional urban environment with the help of creative design, AIRA implements innovative projects, the main purpose of which is to ensure security in the city. Under-foot traffic lights project is one of the additional safety tools that can reduce the risks of accidents to 90-100% on a specific road segment. Increased traffic and the flow of lively citizens intersect on the roadway - a place of increased danger. It is not surprising that often the inattention of pedestrians becomes the cause of accidents with the most severe consequences, which is confirmed by the RTA statistics. The pedestrian, unlike the driver, is not protected on the road. In this case, the main tool of the pedestrian is attention to warning signals. 
However, today the available signals are not enough: the usual traffic light does not guarantee that the pedestrian does not miss the signal he needs.

So, AIRA created Under-foot traffic lights which are visible even if a person looks on his or her smartphone. The warning light strip of a traffic light is located at the edge of the roadway - the place where the pedestrian should stop, if crossing the road is prohibited.

Our innovative project was first implemented in Moscow. In the summer of 2015, our company, together with the Moscow Centre of the traffic organization, installed a LED recumbent traffic light at the pedestrian crossing on Mira Ave. 49. 
The appearance of such an additional traffic light, taking into account the peculiarities of the behavior of citizens, has led to the fact that in two years there has not been a single accident with a fatal outcome on this site. When, after the reconstruction of the avenue, the traffic light was removed, the citizens insisted on returning it to its original place. The traffic light has returned in an updated form. Now, the light strip has inscriptions "GO" and "STOP". The presence of additional information enhances the emotional impact on pedestrians going to cross the roadway. In 2018, the Moscow government plans to continue installing smart traffic lights at dangerous intersections.

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