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Smart Track - smart bike lanes

For many years, AIRA has been promoting cycling in big cities. However, in order for people to use this means of transport regularly at any time of year, a city needs a high-quality infrastructure, which is not limited to creating a cycle path.

In addition, it is important to remember that in some parts of Russia where the winter lasts on average 4-5 months per year, the marking becomes practically invisible.

In order to solve this problem, a Smart Track project was created on the platform of the AIRA's Institute of Urban Studies, which studies the phenomenon of the city, explores the urban environment and creates new innovative projects in the sphere of urban improvement. 

It includes a bicycle track with smart LED lighting based on the innovative SELIN technology, which is shockproof and noticeable at any time of the day and in bad weather conditions, and all the needed infrastructure, such as bicycle parking, rental stations, repair shops, WCs, cafes and first-aid posts.

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