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Smart projects for the 200th anniversary of Grozny

AIRA implemented a number of innovative projects based on SELIN® dedicated to the 200th anniversary of the city of Grozny: Smart Bollards, under-foot traffic light (the second one in Grozny), and the the new product - a U-shaped traffic light with audio and light screen. The company's specialists have developed and installed more than 120 exclusive hardscape elements for public areas: metal navigation signs, bicycle parking lots and innovative litter-boxes.

Smart Bollards are innovative bollards in the form of hemispheres with built-in light blocks SELIN & LED - AIRA's exclusive concept, which not only warn drivers and pedestrians about potentially dangerous situations, but due to their stylish look serve as independent urban design elements.

At the difficult intersection of the new M. Esambayev Memorial Boulevard and the Mira Street with intensive traffic, AIRA installed "under-foot traffic lights", a "stop-line" synchronised with traffic light.

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