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Spruce for the AVENUE-SOUTH-WEST shopping center

The spruce for the AVENUE-SOUTH-WEST shopping center, which AIRA installed in 2017 at the entrance to the mall, became one of the most high-tech Christmas trees of the company. The AVENUE-SOUTH-WEST shopping center located near Yugo-Zapadnaya metro station in Moscow is known for its futuristic glass design with the predominance of clear symmetrical shapes and multimedia screens on the facade. This style became the basis for the design of New Year decorations of the square in front of the mall.
A 16-meter high spruce called Avenue became the center of the composition. It was made in the form of a smooth cone with four sides of video screens. All the ornaments were luminous, they were broadcast right on these screens. Snowflakes and rhombuses in the brand colors of the AVENUE-SOUTH-WEST shopping center appeared on the screens at a given dynamics. The power of the entire structure was 5000W. This made the glow noticeable not only in the dark, but also during the day, while at the same time it was not too bright to hurt the eyes of visitors.
The project was based on advanced DMX light technologies: with their help, the entire structure is integrated into a single system, which is managed through a special controller. This allowed us to achieve beautiful visual effects and set different dynamics of illumination. The composition was visually supported by ground art objects - glowing 1 and 2-meter high white and blue snowflakes of a bizarre shape.

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