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New Year’s Decorations for an IT Holding

The composition at the entrance comprised several objects. Among them were the figures of Nutcracker, a signature product of AIRA, several fibreglass products in the shape of Christmas presents with a bright golden ribbon, and a red Christmas tree ball. More than that, the facade of the building was decorated with stars, which had already become popular with the Moscow public after the decoration of the Central Department Store (TsUM).

The ground floor interior was also decorated with golden stars made of fibreglass. In addition, we apply a special technology when making such installations. The colour or the pattern is added to each object during its manufacturing, that is why, they neither fade nor become pale. Each star is a complex and unique item that has its distinctive character.

The material is strong and durable, which makes it possible to use the stars even under the conditions of increased humidity and low temperatures. The stars can be placed not only on hangers, but they also can serve as independent decorations when installed on aluminium stands.

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