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Shopping and entertainment center Okhta Moll

In 2017, AIRA won a tender from one of the largest shopping malls in St. Petersburg - the new Okhta-Moll. Though AIRA was competing against several foreign companies, It was our project that received professional recognition. The project developed by our specialists included both external and internal design. We began implementing it immediately. However, our main focus was on unusual light structures and decorative lighting. The demand for light was very high due to a short light day in the winter season and so was the need to create additional street lighting.
Therefore, we decided to keep the Scandinavian style, adding sharp lines of decorative lighting. As a result, a huge curtain light was installed on the white canvas of the facade. The warm glow provided by built-in LEDs and broken lines, intersecting with the name of the shopping center is the result of the creative approach of our team. The curtain light is dynamic, this was achieved due to the use of a special controller built into the lighting control system.
The project included the decoration of the surrounding territory, so we installed a bright art object at the entrance. It was a LED arch in the form of a giant Christmas ball. Made of a lightweight aluminum frame and bright LED lamps, the structure was also used as a New Year photo zone. In addition to the arch, the square was decorated with LED spheres. They are made of molded acrylic with LED elements placed inside. The design concept was continued inside the shopping center as well. Despite the brightness of the interior lighting, the elaborate decorations were not lost on a light background. We played on the difference of light colors, strict forms and functionality, following the concept of the hi-tech style. This was definitely a good choice.

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