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Registration of the state Duma for the Victory Day

More than 10 years of AIRA's experience in festive city decorations serve as a guarantee of trust for state institutions.

Over the past several years, AIRA has been regularly working with the Federation Council, the State Duma in Moscow and the Moscow Region, the Ministry of Defense and its headquarters, and the Presidential Property Management Department to decorate their facades, premises, and interiors for the celebration of main national holidays.

One of the landmark episodes was a project for the comprehensive decoration of the building of the State Duma in Moscow and Moscow Region for the 70th anniversary of Victory. We developed decorations of facades, premises, and interiors for the State Duma. Flag constructions with symbolic laurel wreaths and Victory stars became the basis of the composition in red-yellow-orange tones. For interior decorations, we chose the contour layout of flags and St. George ribbon along the entire perimeter with the spectacular Order of the Red Star in the center of the composition.

Traditional elements of floor structures such as cups, torches, volumetric letters or steles are complemented by garlands and balls hanging from the ceiling made in the style of the famous St. George ribbon and red shades.

Banners, streamers, and other ornaments with symbols of the Victory Day are made of resistant high-quality materials, which makes it easy to install, store and reuse them.

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