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Trees Illumination

Decoration of trees with fairy lights for Christmas and New Year

The crowns of trees in the parks and streets of the city look impressive in summer, but may seem bare and bleak in winter. The mysterious flickering of small lights transforms the way they look and creates a New Year's atmosphere of a fairy-tale forest. The case of each LED lamp is made of durable material that prevents it from cracking due to a rapid change in temperature and from freezing. The light is bright enough, so it serves not only aesthetic purposes but also functions as additional lighting for the walkways. The fairy lights do not heat up; therefore they cannot cause a fire. The lights are powered by the mains (220V). Fairy lights are an effective solution for quick and traditional decoration of the city.

Decoration of Trees with Lights

Undoubtedly, strings of lights do look festive. However, they are harmful to trees because the branches may be broken during their installation and takedown. If the lights are left on a tree for a long time, the branches can rot due to precipitation, or metal can oxidize and leave stains on the bark. In addition, the lights are not safe, because if someone touches the cord on the tree trunk, they can get an electric shock. The decoration usually requires up to 10 metres of cord, which is not really cost-efficient, considering the scope of preparations.

Stationary Tree Illumination

Stationary illumination may be useful both in summer and in winter, as it organically combines with the tree. Various spotlights can be used to provide such illumination, ranging from the standard ones to energy-efficient spotlights made of SELIN of different colours matching the designer's concept.

Besides, we offer quite a few options for their installation that are safe and harmless to trees due to our special fasteners made of biomaterials. Our designers will help create a unique composition, resembling fairy-tale landscapes featured on old postcards. Each project is designed individually, taking into consideration the local terrain and climate conditions.

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