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New Year decoration of the Lukoil office

In 2016, AIRA designed New Year decorations for facade and interiors of the Lukoil headquarters on the Sretensky Boulevard in Moscow. The monumental building was erected in 1980-1990, and has a bright facade with a large glass area. The main focus was on light solutions. A street composition called "The Collaboration of Light" consisted of four 1,2- and 1,5-meter hight balls executed in Lukoil brand colors: red and white. The balls connected to the controller blinked in the given rhythm, adding dynamics to the whole composition. In addition, the facade and sidewalk were decorated with various rectangular designs called "Ice" made of molded acrylic with a white LED strip.
The interior design also included Christmas balls, but the accents were changed. Nine structures were installed in different parts of the office: in recreation areas, corridors, and at the reception. Huge colorful balls of fiberglass from the "New Year Toys" series and the "Masquerade" series created a festive mood, decorating the corridors. The unique feature of these balls was that the paint was sealed inside the objects at the manufacturing stage, providing decorative elements with a long service life without damages and tarnishing. Our designers decided to abandon the traditional Christmas trees, and to focus on the unusual compositions.
As a result, two 2-meter high spruces consisted of small plastic and polycarbonate glossy balls attached to a strong frame. One of the trees was made in the brand colors of the company, white and red. There were also creative art-objects, like, for example, the old clock in the recreation area, the arrow of which was frozen at five minutes to the New Year. We also built a special photo zone with a transparent acrylic ball, imitating a traditional Christmas ball with a beautiful spruce and artificial snow inside for those who wanted to take a perfect selfie "on the workplace". Next to it was a tall Snowman made of fiberglass, made in the corporate style of AIRA. The Snowman was easy to assemble as it consisted of several parts.

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