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Summer parks of Tatarstan

For three years, the AIRA Company has been taking part in the Republican program of the development of public spaces in the Republic of Tatarstan, under the leadership of the assistant to the President of the Republic, Natalia Fishman. The aim of the program is not only to create innovative and attractive projects for the improvement of the urban environment but also to cooperate with residents in the development and implementation of ideas by means of surveys and meetings. For example, the project on the improvement of the park "Kaleidoscope" was developed with the help of Kazan citizens.

Engaged in the development of solutions for comfortable life in the cities of the Republic of Tatarstan, AIRA was focused on the multifunctionality of objects. One of such projects is the use of built-in lamps for benches in the Urussu Park. They allow visitors to read on them even in the dark, and they serve as an additional source of lighting.

With the help of the innovative SELIN technology, developed by AIRA, which allows the creation of monolithic ground lamps with an intelligent control system, the most advanced AIRA's projects were first implemented in the cities of Tatarstan: under-foot traffic lights, luminous paving stones, light curbs for navigation, SMART TRACK cycle paths, innovative solutions for lighting parks and public spaces.

With the help of the President of the Republic, Rustam Minnikhanov, the AIRA company   designed and installed the first interactive educational playground in Tatartstan, in the city of Almetyevsk. The playground includes unique screens that transmit the picture even under the water and in frost (up to -70 degrees), luminous seesaw called "Russian scales", as well as designer art objects "Neftyascha", "Beloved Almetyevsk" and "Cascade". That's how the team from St. Petersburg helped to organize a comfortable space for active and cultural recreation of citizens and family entertainment in the city of Almetyevsk.

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