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The Concept of Yurievo Eco Park

The park Yurievo is a modern recreation area with bicycle tracks and art objects, which is also easy to navigate. The main concept behind the park is to combine cultural traditions and innovative solutions, and to create an inspiring art space. 

Benches are the most essential and functional piece of street furniture in the comfortable urban environment. We offer the best option that suits both large companies and those who prefer spending time on their own. Our benches may be easily transformed into chaise lounges. Designed in nature-like style, they match the landscape and do not break the harmony of nature.

There is something that may be of particular interest to young visitors. The ecotrail Animal Tracks will definitely turn your walk into an exciting adventure, help you learn more about the wildlife, and make your visit to the park really special. All parts of the information billboard are made from eco-friendly materials. Signposts with bird feeders inside of them do not only show the directions, but also inspire respect and appreciation for the natural world. Eco-friendly material and vivid colours make them easy to see at any time of the day.

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