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Constructions for the Project The Residence of Grandfather Frost

This project involves all-weather constructions for city's events that take place throughout the year. We make sure that our constructions are strong and long-lasting. That is why, for their manufacture we use modern technology, which is applied in shipbuilding, and highly durable composite materials, such as fibreglass and polyester resin covered with gelcoat, which makes it possible to use them all the year round in all weather conditions. Built-in LED lighting makes the constructions look spectacular at any time of the day. 

Key properties of fibreglass composite materials are:

  • Durability equal to that of steel

  • Light weight. Fibreglass products are 4-5 times lighter than steel while being equally strong

  • High stress-related characteristics: high resistance to scratches, chipping, and other types of mechanical damage 

  • Exceptional chemical resistance to alkalis, acids, and organic solvents

  • Resistance to biological impacts that eliminates the risks of fungi and mould formation

  • Wide range of colours, which enables the use of any colour and imitation of any material or texture

  • Operating temperature ranges from -50 °C to +70 °C

  • Environmental safety

  • Low thermal conductivity, comparable to that of wood

  • Service life exceeds 10 years

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