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Interactive Portal Between Cities

To mark the 201st anniversary of the Chechen Republic capital Grozny, the door to the town of Shali was opened on Makhmud Esambayev Avenue.

The idea of this social and cultural project belongs to the members of the city administration and the Ministry of Tourism of the Chechen Republic. AIRA, with its innovative production, has brought this idea into life.

The portal door has a built-in video screen which in real-time mode shows the spot next to the new mosque in Shali on one side and view of the streets of Grozny on the other.

This project aims to add to the tourist appeal of Grozny and Shali.

We plan to install similar portals in the cities of Saint Petersburg, Moscow, Kazan, and later in Berlin, London, Paris and Dubai. The portal door has a function to select a city. Thus, everyone will be able to travel from city to city while remaining where they are.

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