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Children's smart-playgrounds and seesaws

Today, children and their parents have big requirements for children's play areas: it is important that they are not only of high quality, but also interesting and educating. A standard playground with a minimal set of entertainment in the form of a bright plastic town with slides is hardly suitable for safe games for a long time. However, AIRA managed to combine fun outdoor games with the modern children's love for interactive entertainment. The pilot project was implemented in the park "Cascade of ponds" in Almetyevsk, where AIRA also opened the first video playground and installed a 3,2-meter high luminous seesaw called "Russian scales". 

Ilya Varlamov, a well-known Russian blogger, highly appreciated the play area calling it "an example of the correct use of modern technologies in public space".

In the design of video playgrounds and children's luminous seesaws, AIRA uses its own innovation - light blocks made of SELIN, an optical shockproof material. High-quality standards ensure the safety of children during the game. Tests have shown that SELIN LED holds up to 4 tons per square meter and it is resistant to temperature changes from -50 to 50 degrees.

In addition, the housings of video blocks are waterproof and resistant to acids, alkalis, and sunlight. 

The soft material we use is resistant to gliding and external disturbances, it has a low-voltage power and is able to withstand any weather conditions. The bright light of LEDs breaks even through the dirt and snow. Such playgrounds can be installed both outdoors and indoors. An important feature of our luminous seesaws is that they can be seen at any time of the year as SELIN increases the brightness of the glow, which makes it visible even under the snow.

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