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The coat of arms on the building of the State Duma

In the summer of 2016, the original double-headed eagle was removed from the facade of the State Duma and sent for restoration. The copper coat of arms  (3.5 x 3.1 meters) was decorating the facade of the building for over 7 years. Severe weather conditions - temperature changes, gusty wind, heavy rainfall – all this eventually ruined the appearance of the original coat of arms. However, the building of one of the main state bodies could not remain without an official symbol – and AIRA was entrusted with making a temporary copy.

This turned out to be a difficult task. The process of making the coat of arms and its appearance is strictly regulated by a special set of rules. AIRA  had to create a lightweight version of the coat of arms, a layout that would not differ from the original in appearance and would replace it for the time of the restoration.

The base for the temporary coat of arms was made of profile aluminum pipes and plywood. Aluminum structures have an important advantage - ease of transportation and installation. It fully meets the needed requirements. AIRA's specialists fixed a moisture-resistant plywood sheet, covered with polystyrene foam and pre-processed on the CNC engraving machine, on the aluminum frame.

The coat of arms was primed and painted with materials which are used for finishing the facades of buildings, and the final golden paint was applied by the client immediately before installation.

The size of the finished product was identical to the original coat of arms – 3.5 meters in height and 3.1 meters in width. However, the weight is significantly different from the original - only 150 kg. which can not be compared with the copper design.

As for the installation, its main advantage was several possible ways of fastening. In order to install the coat of arms, an existing steel  frame was used, along with additional structures: aluminum tape, "hooks", punched tape and stops

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