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New Year decorations for the State Hermitage

Five years ago the State Museum opened a collection of unique Christmas tree decorations of the royal family for the first time. This inspired the company to launch a unique project: together with specialists of the Hermitage, designers began to study historical toys and features of decorating Christmas trees in the Romanov family. Inspired by the grace of the imperial design, AIRA decided to recreate the festive decoration in the traditions and techniques of the XIX - early XX centuries until the last days of the reign of Nicholas II.

At the imperial court, it was common to decorate several Christmas trees, and the peculiarities of the decoration changed from decade to decade. In 2015, the company began to revive this tradition, and to decorate New Year symbols in the spirit of different eras. 
Since 2015, AIRA is a member of the Hermitage Friends Club and takes an active part in decorating the museum for the New Year holidays, working to revive the best traditions of the imperial era.
In the pre-holiday days in the lobby of the Hermitage Theater, you can find a fir tree decorated with Christmas toys created by hand by participants of the international competition "Create an exhibit for the Hermitage". This competition has been held since 2017 and everyone can take part in it. The competition has no restrictions on the geography of participants and their age, everyone can participate. The main thing is that the Christmas tree toy is made by hand, meets the specified size and theme of the year.

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