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Under-foot traffic lights

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Cities are social spaces that carry a lot of important information. A big city is an intersection of numerous flows of information. The way the city is structured, its communication component is an important characteristic of a comfortable living inside these information flows and an urban space as a whole. The first thing the communication component of cities is responsible for is security. Despite all its advantages, an urban environment is still a place one needs to be more attentive.

The pace of life is set by our mobility: most residents of the big city do not part with the phone even for a second - they answer calls, conduct business correspondence, or simply chat with friends. Think about how often do you have to start moving on the pedestrian crossing with your eyes lowered to the phone, or how often do you, as a driver, encounter such pedestrians? Despite the fact that everyone understands that a road is a place of increased danger, citizens need new ways of communicating the information about road traffic taking into account the realities of the time. Staring at the phone screen a person mostly sees a small part of the road as well.

The task of urban planning is to adapt to the modern life, therefore AIRA is promoting the project called Under-foot traffic lights, installing traffic lights in the place where people most often look when crossing the roadway.

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