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Smart Track

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The Smart Track project is equipped with a controlled navigation light system, which allows cyclists to travel safely and comfortably along the selected route both in the dark and under adverse weather conditions.

In Smart Track bike lanes, lighting systems made of SELIN form a navigation system:

  • regulate the flow of cyclists, prevent road accidents

  • set the program of optimal safe speed mode

  • show the direction of movement and speed limit

  • safely separates the track from carriageway or sidewalk

The bike lanes are equipped with special light sensors that indicate the direction of movement and the maximum permissible speed. In addition, they react to the movement of a cyclist 20 meters before the intersection and include additional lighting on the roadway.

The system of “smart” illumination will allow us to increase the number of visitors coming to the park in the evening. Convenient infrastructure will be an additional incentive to promote a healthy lifestyle. According to statistics, Smart Track will reduce the level of accidents associated with bicyclists by up to 90%.

The company AIRA developed four types of Smart Track: sports, family, transfer and tourist.

In the development of Smart Track, pedestrians, drivers and cyclists were polled in order to help our specialists develop the safest and the most comfortable design of the city bike lanes.

The poll conducted by AIRA has shown that 73% of citizens are ready to switch to bicycles in case the relevant infrastructure is provided. This means that big cities will a have a chance for a clean air and reduced traffic. Thus, the study showed that at the initial level, Smart Track will reduce the number of traffic jams by1 %, then by10% in 1 year, and by 15% in 10 years.

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