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Children's video play area

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AIRA suggests using innovative technologies in the design of playgrounds. An educational video playground is an interactive play area where children can choose one of 1000 games. It does not even require a lot of space, which means that the playground is easily constructed even in a small area! All games are chosen in regard to interests of children of different ages, there are no restrictions on its use. Such a playground will be interesting even for the youngest kids, while will be able to learn to read and count in a playful form learning the world and having fun.

For example, the game of Hopscotch will be suitable for pre-school children and little kids will definitely like the game of jigsaw puzzle for babies, which can be played both individually or in a small company of friends. Such a play area will serve as an excellent assistant for parents who want to find interesting and useful outdoor activities for their children.

In designing our video playgrounds we are using our innovative SELIN material. High-quality standards ensure the safety of children during the game. The comfort of the game process is provided by a soft rubber surface. The soft material we use is resistant to gliding and external disturbances, it has a low-voltage power and is able to withstand any weather conditions. The bright light of LEDs breaks even through the dirt and snow. The product consists of sequentially connected light diffusing polymer plates, hermetically connected and forming one whole LED video screen. Such playgrounds can be installed both outdoors and indoors.

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